Our team consists of creatives that understand your marketing objectives, and make corresponding videos and animations to best represent your message and identity. Our videos are both informative, and entertaining. We specialize in event videography, TV commercials, wedding videos, documentaries, and other video-related content.

Corporate Videos.

We know the power of video, and how it can create a strong sense of brand, and loyalty amongst customers. We are confident in the message we communicate, and that we can retain audience attention and imagination. Your message will be clear with us. Our crew is composed entirely of industry professionals, that include directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, and production audio. We use the right crew members, with the right skills to create different styles of productions – no production is too big or too small.

Events Organizing and Covering.

Covering events from around the Middle-East, Miami Production made a name of itself in Cairo and is looking to do the same here in Canada. We use special techniques, and maintain a high standard of quality when filming the entirety of an event.

Post Production.

Post-production is one of the most important aspects of completing your project to perfection. We work with you so that we get your vision right. We invite our clients to give us feedback during post-production, and work together to complete your project as you envisioned it.

We deliver a final mix that shines. Our music composers, and extensive sound effects libraries brings your production to life. Lastly, we are experienced in all delivery formats. Is your production going on air? Online? On a specific tape format? Do you need duplicate services? We have all the necessary resources to deliver your final cut in any format, and by the deadline.

Photo & Video services for Real Estate.

Create a professional and impressive web presence for your listings. Miami Production provides a complete online marketing solution for their agents.

Photo & Video services for weddings.

We guarantee a beautiful wedding video, and professional photographs to commemorate your special day.